I love conferences! I love meeting new people in my field, discovering new ideas and research I can put to work, and discovering new tools to explore. I also love presenting at conferences, or offering workshops, helping to spread innovations I am proud to have been part of (and sharing the failures along the way). Watch videos of my presentations, view keynotes, and more on my work blog. Recent highlights include:

  • “Look Up at the Stars: integrating a user-centered design process into a natural history museum” for the Visitor Studies Association (2018), the Connected Learning Summit (2018), and at Museums and the Web (2017)
  • “Get Hands-on with Virtual Reality!” for the American Alliance of Museums conference (2017)
  • “Museum at Your Fingertips: Telepresence Tours for Schools” for Museums and the Web (2017)
  • “Mobile Apps, Museums, and MicroRangers: Fighting the 6th Extinction with Playful Learning” for the Association of Science-Technology Centers conference (2016)
  • “Empowering Youth Audiences to Ensure Inclusivity & Community Engagement through Technology & Gaming” for the New York Museum Educator’s Forum (2017)
  • “Renewing the Currency of Cultural Halls: Reframing the Past to Save the Future” for the Association of Science-Technology Centers conference (2016)