Capturing Dinosaurs

Capturing Dinosaurs was AMNH’s first youth program to incorporate the processes of digital scanning and fabrication (in which youth used mobile apps to scan real dinosaur fossils then fabricate them on printers to build a model). This lead to a wide range of youth programming (around topics like mammals, microfossils, and more), public programming (at I.D. Day and during our Sleepovers), and online (by sharing the models produced for others to use).


Visualizing Climate Change

Visualizing Climate Change began a deep exploration (that continues to this day) of how to bring science data visualization into AMNH courses, both as practiced by scientists to advance knowledge of the natural world and by science communicators.


Morphobank is an online tool scientists used to collaborate on morphological data, co-developed by AMNH scientists. Working with these scientists, we adapted it for use within a youth curriculum, which led to its use across many programs.