My recent work at the American Museum of Natural History

My recent work at AMNH has been a robust exploration of how youth development, design practices, and digital pedagogy can advance a museum’s capacity to engage learners – in the Halls, in classrooms, and online – in exciting and innovative ways.

My goal now is to lead innovations in informal learning spaces, helping young people identify and pursue their passions and adults learn with greater engagement, expanding the capacity of organizations to impact the quality of life of the people they serve.

Digital Learning

Developed and oversaw a new Digital Youth Learning Strategy

Youth Development

Designed and implemented a new slate of youth courses across the disciplines

Prototyping & Evaluation

Developed prototyping and evaluation plans for new visitor-facing, science visualization interactives then lead evaluations of visitor interactions with emerging media to inform efforts to increase visitor engagement and learning.

Experience Design

Co-lead the design process for a new science data visualization lab by leveraging cutting-edge research with innovative youth programming

Games-based Learning

Oversaw the development of nine analog and mobile games that playfully address topics as wide-ranging as gut microbes, killer snails, astrophysics, and the sixth extinction.