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Cake & Jake and the Bucket of Doom!!!

All right, so this might need a little explaining. I (that is, Barry) likes to make books from photos. A few years ago, the Cake and Jake adventures got under way (the first one can be found here). They belong in the genre somewhere between Tintin and Monty Python. Barry is Cake. Noemi is Jake. Why? Who knows. But such is as it is.

So I had this idea to make a book out of the discarded wedding photos -- the embarrassing photos, the errors, etc. - and then add regular photos to complete the story. And thus, this Cake and Jake adventure was born.

If you ever seen us in person feel free to look at the hardcopy -- it is MUCH nicer in person (colors brighter, etc.), but in the meantime, feel free to enter this alternated version of Noemi and Barry's wedding. Oh, and the entire book is on one Web page, so you might want to let it all load first before diving in to read.Enjoy!