Noemi and Barry
in Italy, August 2004

For two weeks in August of 2004, we traveled to Sardinia to visit Barry's cousin Liz and her family. As a military family they requested and received placement on La Maddalena, a tiny 8-mile circumference island off the northeast corner of Sardinia. Sardinia, and La Madda itself, is a European tourist hot spot and it didn't take us long to realize why. (We practically lived on the beach...)

We took two trips off of La Madda, piling into their SUV with Liz and her two children Ricky and Rachel (Paul, her husband, was unfortunately not available to tour). The first took us into a "hidden valley" where we explored caves, ancient gorges, hillside towns covered in murals, and an unanticipated rural horse race. The second was a two day trip alongside cliff-hanging roads, ancient artifacts, sea side grottos and more.

After Sardinia, we went to Rome for four days. And when in Rome...

The Photos:

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