Barry and Noemi in Disney World, 1996

In the days before Christmas, Barry and Noemi entered the sunny, mid-70 season of Disney World. It's always sunny there, isn't it. At least, it feels like it should be.

The first day was an all day exploration of the Magic Kingdom, the highlight being Tomorrow Land. The next day and a half was spent at Epcot, with the final evening (Christmas Eve) spent exploring the near empty Disney/MGM studios (3D Muppets and the Star Wars ride!). Our last day - a half-day- was spent running around MGM again.

At night we went to Disney's Pleasure Island- there own innocuous Sin City. 7 night clubs for one price, all set in a fake city hot spot. Very cool.

Well, enjoy the photos. Click on the thumbnails to view them.

Preparing for the trip

Noemi is all ready with her luggage.

Where we stayed.

Magic Kingdom

Yes, Virginia,
there are Jews in Disney World.

Noemi both scared
and excited upon entering
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

We survived Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Barry on Cinderella's Carousel.

Noemi becomes Cinderella!
(Notice the carousel in the
background and, for
the 25th anniversary of Disney World,
Cinderella's castle, dressed up as
a giant candy castle).

Nomei & Minnie-
They Meet

Nomei & Minnie-
They Hug

Barry & Minnie-
My turn!

Noemi getting friendly with Pluto

Yet another parade!
Noemi decided that Disney was a kid
who never was allowed to see fireworks
or go to parades, and dreamed of a place
where there would be parades and fireworks
all day and all night long. Then he made it.

Happy and tired after a busy day.

Epcot Center

Noemi waiting for the Monorail to Epcot.

Here is comes!

Barry and Noemi share a
romantic moment in the
Morrocan pavillion

Noemi contemplates Canada

Noemi watches Morrocan performers

Noemi listening attentively
to an audio game

Noemi under a tunnel of lights.


Noemi in the streets of Disney New York City

Barry, after riding the Star Wars ride!

At the 3D Muppet movie,
Barry poses in front of the
Miss Piggy Fountain

We Win!

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