My dad's correspondences, sent home to
Jersey City, during the summer of 1948

Written by Paul Joseph
Edited by Barry and Debby Joseph

In the summer of 1948, when my father was sixteen years old, he traveled with his high-school baseball coach and a group of boys around the country. Driving through post-World War Two America, they focused upon both the pristine beauty of our diverse landscape and national parks and the new industries that were providing the nation with its increased wealth and international power. Traveling in most regions of the country, as well as in northern Mexico and southern Canada, the gang camped-out wherever they could find a hospitable location, be it a Mississippi highway medium, an Ontario golf course, or a Washington beach.

My father extensively corresponded with his parents during this period, lavishly detailing his exciting journey. His mother carefully guarded and preserved these written documents for decades and they remained unknown to me until her death in the 1980s. This family treasure chest also included my father's diary, written during the early days of his trip. Due to its redundant nature, and for the sake of a clean narrative, I wove any unique details from the journal into the body of the text. The pictures included were taken on the trip as well, although, unfortunately, only few survived the years and even less with any identifying features as to their locale.


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